Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots More to Come in the Coming Weeks

Kaci Campbell, Dr. Harley Jolley, Dave Barlow, BRP Superintendent Phil Francis at Headquarters
Sun's Rays settling behind Water Rock Knob
Fall has arrived at the Water Rock Knob Area of the Parkway

Dave "Sojourner" Barlow and Granddaughters Rebecka and Alicia Barlow with a wagon load of Operation Christmas Child Gift Boxes.

Now that the Blue Ridge Parkway Walk is finished, the work really begins. I kept a detailed Journal and have more than 350 pages of information and more than 2,360 photos that were taken on the 42 -day "Walk of a Lifetime" Some of the photos and Trail Journal entries will be posted here soon.

Anyone that hikes long distances will recognize the expression "Trail Angels" I will try to list in the coming days some of the Trail Angels that have enriched my experience. I will also try to post some of the absolutely incredible photos that I have had the privilege to try to capture for all to see.

Sooooo...... Here is a little sampling!!!
Dave "Sojourner" Barlow

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